Who is Anita

Anita Kozlowski is an internationally Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming®, therapist, strategic business and success coach.

Anita Kozlowski has used innovative therapy to change lives through a unique system that has been proven to work. Countless grateful clients have experienced an extraordinary transformation in their lives because of it. Anita specializes in helping those who are not able to be helped by mainstream therapy models and developed the revolutionary Structural Psychology model for therapy and success coaching.
Anita Kozlowski is currently working on a manual that systematizes human emotional problems and provides a system to deal with these issues. Her approach to therapy is systemic. She sees human problems as the outcome of several events resulting in a problem. These are fueled by an intent which is mostly hidden at the subconscious level. With her systemic approach to therapy, Anita is able to help you get rid of your most difficult and challenging problems.

Anita Kozlowski motto is "Create Freedom."

Anita Kozlowski is a Licensed Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming® she has trained thousands of individuals from all walks of life from all walks of life in pure NLP, for which she has received recognition on three continents.