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NLP Techniques in Practice

This excerpt illustrates the use of the Meta Model NLP technique to unravel the deep meaning behind the problem presented by a client. Very often people present problems which obscure a real problem.  They are not aware of the real problem, and focus on the surface level […]


The Secret of Successful Sales

  Whether you are an employee or business owner, your role involves selling either your vision or your values in order to achieve an outcome. Every job interview is a sales process, every successful transaction with your client, if you are a therapist, is a sales process, […]


How to End a Relationship?

Ending a relationship is never easy. Most often people walk away from relationships in a reactive mode, angry and disappointed. The negative emotion fuels the decision and justifies walking away. Before making such a decision, you need to step outside your negativity, take a deep breath and […]

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