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Why Diets Usually Fail – A Secret to Permanent Fat Loss

Many times people make New Year’s resolutions and decide to embark on an exercise program and go on a diet. Sounds familiar? Initially the results are great. The pounds are melting off, people begin to comment, the goal has been achieved. After a while the pounds creep […]


What Is Intelligence

IQ tests are supposed to determine with reasonable accuracy the level of so called intelligence. Others write about Emotional Intelligence. Recently I have heard about the emergence of a new concept – Social Intelligence. Some talk about aptitudes and even ascertain that some humans are unable to […]


Get Rid of Depression

When you have been diagnosed with depression, typically you would have been told you require a lifetime drug therapy, and smething is “wrong” with you. According to an established medical tradition, you are “broken”. Acording to this model, you are chemically imbalanced and in need of a […]

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