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Get Rid of Fat with NLP and Other Similar Even Though Seemingly Different Concerns…

I found with many clients that when they come with a problem resultant from a negative consequence of dysfunctional behavior, they deeply wish to keep the behavior (as it does provide pleasure AND eradicate the negative consequences such as obesity, poor finances, fried liver (from alcohol) etc). […]


Mind Strategies For Success

Success is a direct result of what you do inside your mind. It is a measurable, tangible effect of the process inside your mind, fuelled by your beliefs about your worthiness, ability and capability. Success is a result of your mind strategies. Nothing happens randonly, even when […]


Fat Loss

Have you been struggling with overweight? Have you attempted diets and exercise programs, initially observing positive results, and soon finding yourself regaining all the weight, or even increasing the original weight? After you had lost weight, have you noticed feeling uncomfortable inside your new body? Have you encountered resistance […]

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