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How to Take Control in Conflict Situations

Learn how to reduce conflict I remember a quote by Dale Carnegie – “People are not creatures of logic but creatures of emotion”. People respond not to what you say but to what they think you are saying means. That equation is hidden deep beneath their “reasoning engine”. […]


Self-Sabotage – How to Stop It

Have you ever found yourself incapacitated, stifled, stuck and unable to complete a task you knew you had to complete? Have you ever found yourself unable to start working on a task you knew was important? You probably experienced frustration, anxiety and self-doubt. You may have lost […]


Become More Influential – Replace “but” with “yes..and”

It is not what you say but how you say it. Also, people respond to a perceived intent and not necessarily to what you are saying. Interpretation of your intent happens on other than conscious level and determines the outcome of your communication. People communicate internally, with […]

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