Take a Quantum Leap into Exciting New Possibilities…

Lead Others Towards Their Dreams 

In the quantum universe of possibilities, you CAN achieve the “impossible” .

Live with Power Coaching Process is about taking control of your life and designing your future.

It is also about coaching life skills coaches and business coaches

This guided process is about redefining yourself and stepping into your most creative and expansive self. It is about becoming an architect of your destiny and realizing your dreams.

If you are a life skills coach, it is also about learning how to efficiently guide others to their biggest goal.

This will hugely enrich your practice as a life skills coach, or a business coach.

On a personal level, I will take you by the hand and lead you step by step through a very structured and expansive process, where you will literally can step into your future now, and immediately create a new trajectory for your life.

The process is very different from anything you have ever learned about goal setting. This is about making changes on the quantum level…

The mind-bending and profoundly impactful process I will take you through, involves exploring your unconscious mind and bringing forward your best self.


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Expect huge breakthroughs, profound “Aha moments , and MASSIVE results.

My clients are all achieving their goals and designing their destiny in extraordinary ways.

Business Coaching - 1 Session 
$575 CAD including GST

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