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Live with Power NLP Seminars is the only NLP institute in Alberta, Canada, licensed and endorsed by Dr.Richard Bandler and the International NLP Society.

We are continually upgrading our programs and adopting new technologies developed by Dr. Richard Bandler and dedicated to preserving the purity of Bandler methodologies and using those ethically and with the highest intent of enhancing the lives of others.

Our licensed Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification programs are taught using the pure Bandler style and strictly follow the curriculum set by the International NLP Society. All trainers are personally trained, licensed and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler himself.

We specialize in accelerated learning technologies, interventions in cases such as diagnosed educational disabilities, personality disorders, phobias and anxiety disorders, pain alleviation and motivation. We also offer corporate training and coaching, personal coaching, and customized seminars.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards and are committed to using these powerful techniques to help others and the world at large.

When you successfully complete our Practitioner and Master Practitioner level seminars, you will receive international certification and a license issued by the International NLP Society, personally signed by Dr. Bandler. You will be entitled to use the International NLP Society’s logo and become eligible to attend the trainers’ training offered by Richard Bandler.
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“I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski."

She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Richard Bandler
Co-developer of NLP

“Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star."

Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star. She is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who has worked with her in a coaching environment loves her work.

Christopher Howard - Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur CEO of Rock House

“If you want to improve your performance, contact her."

“Anita is a highly experienced NLP trainer and coach for both business and personal outcomes and goals. If you want to improve your performance, contact her.”
Michael Beale

Director, PPI Business NLP Ltd. ( business partner )

“...she’s extremely brilliant"

“I experienced Anita at an NLP intensive training in Chicago and had the pleasure of getting to know her for the time we were there. She has a real passion for the field, she’s extremely brilliant and it was very impressive to see how quickly she parlayed her training into her coaching, teaching and seminar business. She’s been trained by the best (society of NLP and Richard Bandler) and has put that training right into practice. I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski as a source for excellent NLP training and personal coaching”

Tom Venuto
President. CEO. Burn the Fat Publishing ( Fitness Renaissance, LLC )

“She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field..."

“Anita must be one of the most inspiring and passionate women I have ever met. She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field, and with the combination of these powerful character trait, she brings the highest level of personal development to the table. I am so very grateful for Anita being in my life and will for ever be a student of her teachings. She truly lives with power.”

Terry Regenwetter
P.Eng - President / CEO, ReSoL Financial Group, Venture Capital / Private Equity


Licensed NLP Certification Training in Sunshine Coast, Australia Coming January 2018…