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Hello! I’m Anita Kozlowski

NLP Master Trainer, Master Hypnotist, Success Coach, Inspirator

Welcome to Live with Power NLP and Hypnosis Training Institute.

Are you looking to massively improve your results? Get to your goals faster? Get rid of whatever has been holding you back, or break through unconscious limitations? Do you want to take charge of your life and never look back?

You are in the right place! Rapid Transformation Technologies have completely transformed therapy, coaching, and abolished the idea of success as a slow, linear progress.

Your brain is an amazing learning machine, a source of your inner genius and hidden, extraordinary capabilities . We now have a proven system to access these capabilities and transform the mediocre into extraordinary.

I have been the student of the mind since my early university years. Since then I have embraced the most powerful transformational technologies, such as true NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, and neuroscience.

When you take my training, I will teach you everything I know, in an environment where you will be encouraged to explore and discover. I believe there is so much more to be learned, and every passionate mind is capable of asking yet another question, that will open the vault even further.

As my client, you will make rapid and huge progress, as the methods are powerful, and work really fast.

I am excited to invite you on board. The ride is really exciting.

Fix Your Success And Abundance Blocks With Rapid Therapy Systems…

Rapid Therapy System
 is a DEEPLY POWERFUL method that simultaneously addresses all the layers of your persona. Based on Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Neuroscience this is the most powerful strategic method to facilitate massive personal breakthroughs. It works on your subconscious mind where Your shift will happen fast. You can aply the same system to your business. Expect quick, permanent and measurable results across the entire fabric of your life and your business. This is a systemic and laser like, precise, strategic approach that is an algorithm, and works for everyone ALWAYS…

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Ways I can help transform your life…

Get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Rapidly erase the effects of childhood trauma.

Access your inner genius and program your unconscious mind for the most rapid results in your life and your business.

Breakthrough your money blocks and other success blocks

Transform all your relationships

Gain clarity on your purpose and create the most powerful vision for your life

Create strategic plan for your next step

Identify what’s been holding you back

Gain unstoppable confidence

Your past doesn’t equal the future and you can start creating the life you want Right Now. Rapid transformation is Possible!

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3 Rapid Ways to Empower Yourself and Your Business 

Create an Extraordinary Coaching Business…

With our methods, you will AUTOMATICALLY become one of the most sought out coaches.

You will become an OBVIOUS choice, because the results you’ll be able to generate. Your clients become your loyal advocates, who refer others.

You will massively empower others with methods that extend beyond just coaching. You will be able to do what others are not able to.

Quickly Step Outside your limitations, and Achieve BIG Goals  FASTER…

When you learn the quantum Visionary Goal Setting Process which, you will EASILY achieve big goals.

This unique process is about bending the realms of time and space and stepping into your future now. 

There is nothing like this anywhere. Expect rapid transformations and rapid results as it works every time, and with anyone…

Become an ABSOLUTE Master of Influence…

You will meet the Extraordinary version of yourself you never knew existed.

We call the Transformational Speaker Training “NLP on Steroids,” because in just 3 days you uncover your Natural creative genius and inspirational presence. 

You will EASILY inspire, influence and dazzle any size groups with riveting and spontaneous presentations, and learn HOW to Influence Anyone.

Why You Get Massive Results with My Methods…

BECAUSE my strategic BREAKTHROUGH Methods specifically target the vast powers of your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is like a vault that contains your genius potential, and also habituated negative thought patterns. You will always find yourself stuck unless you know how to unlock its vast resources that either propel you forward or hold you back.

It’s been my lifetime’s work and passion to find the keys to unlocking this vault…

The protocols I use are cutting edge because they strategically target the inner workings of your unconscious mind that generate an immediate ripple effect across the entire fabric of your mind.

This is how my coaching can empower you to make make rapid changes at a deep  unconscious levels.

My discoveries have found that rapid transformation in every area of your life is possible – Only if you know precisely what to do.

What really excites me is to see my clients go through rapid personal transformations and see massive success in their business.

I look forward to being your personal coach and guide and to empower you to break through your success blocks, and unlock your full potential.

My goal is to create a community of empowered people who Live with Power!

Rapid Transformation is Possible!
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I’m happy to answer all your questions!


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“I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski….”

She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and licensed internationally through the. society of Nero Linguistic Programming.

~ Richard Bandler - Co-developer of NLP

“Anita Kozlowski has an encyclopedic knowledge of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming…”

~ Tony Robbins - World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star…”

Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star. She is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who has worked with her in a coaching environment loves her work.

~ Christopher Howard - Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur CEO of Rock House

“Anita Kozlowski has a thorough understanding of Ericksonian hypnosis and can do great things with it…”

She is a Super Star!

~ Don Wolf - President of Win Institute, San Diego

“If you want to improve your performance. Contact Her…”

 Anita Kozlowski is a highly experienced and deeply insightful Master NLP trainer and coach for both business and personal outcomes and goals. If you want to improve your performance contact her as soon as you can. Your world will transform…


~ Michael Beale – Dir., PPI Business NLP

“Anita Kozlowski is extremely brilliant…”

I experienced her at an NLP training in. Chicago and had the pleasure of getting to know her there. She has a real passion for the field and is extremely brilliant. I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski as a source for excellent NLP training and personal coaching.



~ Tom Venuto - Presiden. CEO. Burn the Fat Publishing

“Anita Kozlowski is a brilliant expert in transformational work…”

Great teacher and transformational coach. Deeply intellectual. Highly recommended.

~ Robert Allen = Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

“She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field….”

Anita Kozlowski must be one of the most inspiring and passionate women I have ever met. She brings the highest level of neuro linguistic programming to the table. She truly lives with Power.

~ Terry Regenwetter - President / CEO, PerSoL Financial Group, Venture Capital

Listen To What Students Say About Anita Kozlowski’s Powerful NLP Practitioner Training


"I suffered from clinical depression for years. I was on antidepressant medication that stopped working. I met with Anita for two hours and it totally helped."

~ Iris Wentz

"I never knew I felt worthless ever since I remember. Anita helped me break that pattern and empowered me to gain self - worth. I am happily married now. I never thought it was possible."

"I was overweight most of my life, I hated myself and my body because my father used to laugh at me. Anita helped me reestablish a healthy relationship with myself."

~ Ewa Cranston

"I am selling financial products. Anita Kozlowski’s Sales training was the best I have ever attended. This is mastery. My sales doubled very quickly."

~ Istvan Szab
Investor Sales, Citibank

"Anita Kozlowski’s training was the most powerful transformational experience that revolutionized how I think. I am totally amazed at how much more I can now do and dream big."

~ Tom Wysolski
Red Deer

"I took Anita’s Transformational Speaker Training. I learned more in the 3 day speaker training than any other 3 days of my life. Worth 10 times the investment!"

~ Tyrell Sears

"I suffered from clinical depression for years. I was on antidepressant medication that stopped working. I got rid of antidepressants and started to enjoy life again. I don’t know what she did but it worked."

~ Iris Wentz

"Shopping was my addiction. I was spending money out of control. My debt became huge. Anita helped me regain control. Now I am free of it all. Thank you."

~ Theresa Jones

"Anita helped me stop smoking. I was able to stop cold-turkey and feel no pain. This is a miracle."

~ Brian Janowski

"I was not feeling things. Now I feel emotions and reconnected with my wife. We were on the brink of divorce. I never knew it could be so simple. Thank you Anita."

~ Jonathan R.

"She makes it so easy. I totally recovered from compulsive behaviors. My life is different now. Thank you Anita."

~ George Silton

"I could not believe I could learn how to spell. One hour with Anita and I am a good speller. I also read faster and remember it all."

~ Carolyn Widzinski

"I suffered from allergy for avocados. I don’t know how she did it. I now love avocados."I suffered from allergy for avocados. I don’t know how she did it. I now love avocados.

~ Denise Blair

"I suffered years of sexual abuse as a child. As a results I suffered from depression, recurring memories and self - sabotage. I am free from that pain after 5 sessions with Anita, Wonderful."

~ Brenda Wyszynski

“Anita showed me the art of closing sales. I pent three days with her and this was the best investment I ever made. I am now the top producer in our Real Estate office. Magical stuff.”

~ Anthony Woolworth

“I am an owner of a large debt relief company. Our results have doubles in the last three months. Fabulous training and a fabulous trainer."

~ Pradeep Pramadaphan

“Anita is an exemplary teacher of NLP. She makes difficult things easy. Want to earn NLP? Look up Anita Kozlowski.”

~ Roger MacRae

"This woman works magic. Two hours with her are better than 10 years of traditional therapy."

~ Donald Peterson

"Anita Kozlowski’s NLP trainings It is the best investment I have ever done. I can already see the difference in how others relate to me.. I can also see clearly where I am going in my life."

~ Randi Marie Berntsen
Calgary (University Student)

“Anita is a world class trainer and a rare genius. Her NLP Practitioner training has totally transformed the way I think. This a must for anyone who is serious about upgrading their minds and performance.”

~ John Su

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