Who is Anita

Master Hypnotist in Ericksonian Method

Anita Kozlowski MSC. is a Master Hypnotist specializing in the Ericksonian method, an internationally licensed NLP trainer, creator of Structural Psychology Systems for Transformation, author, and results coach. Her unique methods continue transforming lives around the world. She has trained thousands of individuals individually, consisting mainly of therapists, clinicians and coaches whose practices have been dramatically transformed by her teachings.

Her clients include elite athletes, celebrities, individuals wanting to transform their lives, and organizations. She is the founder of Live with Power Training Institute that specializes in training, hypnotherapy, and coaching coaches. Her Hypnotic NLP trainings are recognized around the world as life changing.

“I have created Structural Psychology Systems for Transformation, to create a logical framework for using true NLP and understanding the principles of Ericksonian hypnosis. This logical framework literally changes the way people think, allowing them to delve deep into hypnosis, understanding the underpinning of how the mind works. When you “get” this method, you will have become not only influential, you will have become an artist with the most sophisticated system for transformation. It is the uniqueness of the client that determines what to do to help them transform”.

Anita Kozlowski specializes in helping get rid of the imprints of the past traumas, getting rid of addictions and helping individuals step into their full creative potential. She helps organizations develop cohesive team work, marketing and communication strategies to increase sales.

Anita’s background includes graduate level training in Neuropsychology, Statistical Modelling, and Mathematics.

“I have combined the precision of mathematics, the artistry of Ericksonian hypnosis and the speed of Bandlerian NLP methods, to help individuals experience pervasive, quick and lasting change. The most sophisticated systems seem easy and can be learned by anyone who understands the principles behind it”. Anita Kozlowski’s Hypnotic NLP trainings are intense, life changing and transformational. The Structural Psychology for Transformation principles allow her students to master some very complex methods in a short period of time, astounding everyone who experiences “pure magic”.

Anita Kozlowski motto is "Create Freedom."