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Big ideas come from understanding and inspiration. This blog is about exploring common human concerns and interests from a very different point of view. Reading those you just may expand your perspective on your problems, get an inspired idea how to achieve your goals, or how to relate to someone.

The general categories are NLP, Sales, Mental Health, Achieving Goals and Coaching and Hypnosis,

Have fun. May your mind begin to create new interesting connections. I’d love and appreciate your feedback on my posts and I will make sure to comment back!

Anita Kozlowski | An NLP Case Study on Education

Anita Kozlowski discusses an NLP Education Case Study with NLP Trainer Michael Beale Michael : I'm very pleased again to have Anita with us who's going to talk about how she has managed to change somebody from academic under performer to successful academic performer....

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How Bob Stopped Smoking – My Favourite NLP Smoking Cessation moment

A serious voice on the other end sounded determined....." I have a problem". What problem? "I want to stop smoking" OK. Why didn't you? "I can't" How do you know that? "I tried and IT didn't work" What didn't? "I did IT again" Why? "I couldn't stop myself" From what?...

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What is a Good NLP Training

A great NLP training is a like a Rubik’s cube. It is a system. It works synergistically and always as a system. You change one thing and everything changes. A good NLP training is just like that. There is a method to solving a Rubik cube and there is a method to teaching the brain how to think. There is also a method to solve problems, developing a positive mental attitude, developing critical thinking skills (which true NLP is), developing powerful life strategies and gaining self – confidence.

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How to Find a Great Life Coach

Finding a great life coach can be the difference between success and failure. There are many coaches world-wide and some can make a real difference in your life. How do you decide to hire the right coach? What strategies can you employ to find the right coach? How...

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“The best place to start is here and now.”

— Anita Kozlowski – Master NLP Trainer, Coach, Speaker

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