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Big ideas come from understanding and inspiration. This blog is about exploring common human concerns and interests from a very different point of view. Reading those you just may expand your perspective on your problems, get an inspired idea how to achieve your goals, or how to relate to someone.

The general categories are NLP, Sales, Mental Health, Achieving Goals and Coaching and Hypnosis,

Have fun. May your mind begin to create new interesting connections. I’d love and appreciate your feedback on my posts and I will make sure to comment back!

Overcome Your Life Obstacles – Write a New Life Script

Many people feel stuck in their lives and blame their stuck state on something external to them that “causes” them to feel stuck. That something can be arbitrary, such as “unhappy childhood”, an “unpleasant event”, a sense of incapability or any other “obstacle” that...

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There Is Only NLP

When people think of NLP, they think of some entity called “NLP” which either “works” or doesn’t work” or is or isn’t something. By virtue of defining it and assigning criteria for ITS existence, they create a whole new thing with a whole new meaning- a third party...

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NLP is a study of human subjective experience. It is a methodology that allows us to delve into that structure and facilitate change at that level. The change is fast and permanent IF and only IF the practitioner knows what he/she is doing. We focus on the process and...

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What is a Good Relationship

Emotional security is the prerequisite for any relationship. Ask yourself - Do I feel safe with the person I am with? Do I trust to be myself when I am with them? Are they accepting of my love and available to know what I need? Do they care to ask what I need and take...

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What Is NLP?

What is NLP? What Is NLP?: That is a question that gets asked a lot. Because there have been numerous  falsities published about NLP and the experiences of individuals, the world has a false perception of what Neuro Linguistic Programming really is. To discover What...

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Anita's Quotes

“Don’t let your past decide your present or your future, unless it was a map for success. Relieving an unpleasant past is exactly the same as remembering a bad burger you ate a week ago. Why not put your bad experience into the same bin the bad burger went?”

— Anita Kozlowski – Master NLP Trainer, Coach, Speaker

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