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Anita Kozlowski

Big ideas come from understanding and inspiration. This blog is about exploring common human concerns and interests from a very different point of view. Reading those you just may expand your perspective on your problems, get an inspired idea how to achieve your goals, or how to relate to someone.

The general categories are NLP, Sales, Mental Health, Achieving Goals and Coaching and Hypnosis,

Have fun. May your mind begin to create new interesting connections. I’d love and appreciate your feedback on my posts and I will make sure to comment back!

NLP May Not Work…Why?

NLP is a very powerful and misunderstood methodology. Because it is so misunderstood, it is often wrongly applied, and as such, generates unwanted results.  The main misunderstanding is what NLP actually is.People think it is a quick fix, technique-based methodology...

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NLP Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

  NLP Perspective on weight loss Many times people make New Year’s resolutions and decide to embark on an exercise program and go on a diet. Sounds familiar? Initially the results are great. The pounds are melting off, people begin to comment, the goal has been...

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Anita's Quotes

“If you have not been able to achieve your goal, you had clearly not defined reason for wanting to achieve it. Now is the time to look inside and ask yourself Why you want that goal achieved. The WHY is your true goal.”

— Anita Kozlowski – Master NLP Trainer, Coach, Speaker

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