July 16, 2014
Phobia NLP

A Phobia, Laxatives, and Mother in Laws – Why Live With Power NLP Works

Many times I hear people pronouncing “truths” about NLP (as if in a church), which obviously are based upon a non-understanding of what it is. They […]
July 9, 2014
Two Typical Questions We Get AND Answer At Live With Power NLP Seminars

Two Typical NLP Questions We Get AND Answer At Live With Power Seminars

I have hosted NLP seminars all over the world for many years and the greatest gain is seeing the typical NLP questions answered. My students leave […]
July 3, 2014

What do Mozart and Branson have in common?

What is intelligence? IQ tests are supposed to determine, with reasonable accuracy, the level of so called “intelligence”. Others write about Emotional Intelligence. Recently, I have […]
June 26, 2014

World Leaders Should Buy Diapers, Go To Disneyland, and Settle Conflict

How does conflict arise? All conflict is a result of a lack of understanding between people and people adopting beliefs based on faulty logical structures. Because […]
June 18, 2014

Why Procrastinating Is Impossible Despite Contrary “Evidence”

What is procrastination? Many times clients will come to me with a “problem.” They believe they have a specific problem based on tangible, verifiable “facts” they […]
May 28, 2014

Online NLP Training – A Linear Misfire

NLP is a study of human subjective experience. Subjective means at the level of Other than Conscious mind. This is where the brain works super fast […]
May 21, 2014
NLP May Not Work

NLP May Not Work…Why?

NLP is a very powerful and misunderstood methodology. Because it is so misunderstood, it is often wrongly applied, and as such, generates unwanted results.  The main misunderstanding […]
September 11, 2013

Mind Strategies For Success

Success is a direct result of what you do inside your mind. It is a measurable, tangible effect of the process inside your mind, fuelled by […]
September 11, 2013

Fat Loss

Have you been struggling with overweight? Have you attempted diets and exercise programs, initially observing positive results, and soon finding yourself regaining all the weight, or even […]
July 16, 2013

Why Diets Usually Fail – A Secret to Permanent Fat Loss

Many times people make New Year’s resolutions and decide to embark on an exercise program and go on a diet. Sounds familiar? Initially the results are […]
July 11, 2013

What Is Intelligence

IQ tests are supposed to determine with reasonable accuracy the level of so called intelligence. Others write about Emotional Intelligence. Recently I have heard about the […]
June 14, 2013

Get Rid of Depression

When you have been diagnosed with depression, typically you would have been told you require a lifetime drug therapy, and smething is “wrong” with you. According […]