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NLP is a tool to become a good hypnotist

Neurolinguistic Programming is hypnosis – a hypnotic model created upon the framework of Ericksonian protocols. Some NLP techniques are merely a shortcuts of Ericksonian protocols. In order to be effective with NLP, you must understand the mother framework, and...

NLP View on What’s Wrong with Our School System

Our schools system is fundamentally broken. The approach to teaching is broken. The system is focused o creating memorized “semi-learning”, devoid of creative thought or logical thinking.Moral foundation has been removed, replaced by “anything goes” approach, where political correctness has become absurd.

Become more Influential with NLP

NLP IS THE MOST POWERL COMMUNICATION TOOL TO EMPOWER YOU IMMEDIATELY Communicating is similar to a dance. Either you are in rapport and moving in a rhythm, or you are constantly stepping on each other’s foot. People often assume that when you disagree on something,...