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Learn The Art of NLP Outside the Box

NLP is about thinking outside the box of your limitations, limited beliefs and limited dreams. NLP is about expanding your horizons, and embracing change, which can be scary but which is fundamental to growth. NLP is about acquiring the tools to take control of your...
Self-Hypnosis – Engineer Your Reality

Self-Hypnosis – Engineer Your Reality

What is hypnosis? When thinking of hypnosis, many people think of mysterious and dangerous manipulation of the mind, some believe it doesn’t exist, and it’s bad (an interesting set of beliefs.) while some envision a Freudian type office with serious therapist swinging a watch in front of the client’s eyes. Some think it is mind control that “makes” people do stuff they don’t want to do. Most religious systems warn people of its dangers, only to hypnotize their flock into their point of view.