New Training Reveals How to Be The Difference That Makes The Difference In People’s Lives And Finally Be Recognized and Rewarded For Your True Value

If you're like me, you know that what you're doing matters.

You're living for something bigger than yourself or you're helping the people you meet live better, happier, more productive lives.

Maybe you're also like me in that you want to be rewarded and valued for the profound work you do, but you aren't sure how to make that happen.

You want to create meaningful connections with influential people...

You want to walk into a room full of strangers and walk out with more leads than you know what to do with...along with a rock solid sales process that turns those prospects into high-paying clients

You want to be a force for good in a special person's life like your spouse, kids, partner, or friend.

I can show you how to do it, because I developed the method out of frustration with everything else out there. It took me 15 years, but I've finally hit pay dirt. You get to learn it all so much more quickly, without all the mistakes and blind alleys I had to go down.

It's actually much simpler than you might imagine. That makes it even more valuable.

What I've found — and what many of my clients in charisma, covert hypnosis, and the business world have found — is that the most direct-way to get rewarded for what you have to offer is to...

Communicate & Connect With People In A Way That Leads Them To Fully Appreciate Your Value Every Time You Interact!

The secret to more prospects, more sales, and more success, more influence is simply communicating and connecting with people in a way that gives them the capacity to take on your ideas.

Then you just Watch As They Use Your Ideas And Suggestions knowing that they are benefitting from having taken them on.

That's all it takes.

And the good news is:

You don't need to change who you are whatsoever. In fact, it's what will help you stand out.

All you need is the ability to help someone. I'll show you how to get them to immediately see your value and want to know you. Some will even get to the point where they need you.

With the right linguistic influencing tools (and the knowledge of how and when to USE them) you will communicate in a way that the right people can't help but want to be around you, accept your ideas, buy from you, and come back for more.

That's how you become THAT person who is able to...

Be The Difference That Makes The Difference

If you're currently being overlooked at work, you can use covert applied influencing tools to artfully guide the actions and behaviors of the "higher ups" in an ethical manner so everyone is better off.

Again, it DOESN'T have to be difficult (something I used to think). It just requires...

The right knowledge. The right influencing tools. And the right training.

This course combines ALL THREE parts together so you will ALWAYS KNOW how to relate to people (even company CEOs or High-End Hard to Convince Clients) in such a way that...

They Feel Compelled To Run With Your Ideas

And that's when YOU will have your chance to start moving up in the world... very fast.

Once you can get your ideas across to the kinds of people who currently hold the most sway... the most clout... the most influence... you become looked upon and treated as a key-advisor, a confidant, "a trusted right hand" – a person who MATTERS!

They in turn see to it that you are "well taken care of" (reputation wise, relationship wise, monetary wise, referral wise, and in all other ways that can make a HUGE difference on your life and level of success).

That's the kind of RESULTS you can look forward to as a result of this training.

It's as simple as knowing how to get your ideas and suggestions into the minds of the right people.

There's a great satisfaction in seeing important and influential people take on and start applying your ideas to their lives.

Communicating your individual ideas and know-how in a way that gets VALUED by those that matter most to you — feels good. It's profoundly rewarding and gratifying.

Connecting with people on a deep level that makes them respect and properly listen to you — is the best self-esteem booster there is. It makes you feel valuable.

Watching people become more successful because of your impact — is, arguably, the most meaningful contribution you can make to another human being.

In fact...

With The Right Strategic Tools And The Right Know-How I've Seen Amazing Transformations...

I've seen shy people (the "introverts" who for years have been overlooked and left out) suddenly become championed for their wisdom when they create their own "Personal Gravity" (one of my favorite tactics) that pulls people in and makes them listen.
I've taught technically brilliant people (who for years struggled to convey the brilliance of their ideas) to suddenly become profoundly articulate at expressing themselves when they have these covert influencing tools that allow them to take apart someone's faulty ideas and build them back up with new ones right in the moment.
I've already noticed the most influential teachers and industry thought–leaders (like seminar presenters, consultants and coaches) take their teaching and leadership abilities to a whole new level — impacting their students and clients in much more effective ways — when they utilize my intuitive profiling tools to read their audience like a book and give them what they crave.
When a person is given the right strategic influencing tools (and the wisdom of expertly USING them)...

They Experience An Immediate Sense Of Renewed Excitement And Purpose

Every day becomes another adventure in communicating, connecting, and reaching people in ways that others can't. It gives you a real BUZZ knowing you can do that. So much so that you can't wait talk to people.

Soon your whole life is on an upward turn.

It all starts with you having the right influencing tools and the "internalized ability" to USE them without so much as thinking about it.

Maybe you already find yourself in the top 10% of the world's best linguistic influencers (you're probably NLP trained)...

There are higher levels you can reach.

To get your most ambitious game-changing ideas properly embraced and enthusiastically acted upon by the people that can really "put you on the map"...

You NEED The Highest Level Of Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis Skills that I can teach you.

You must be expertly fluent and spontaneously flexible at using the highest set of conversational hypnosis skills – (that means you're able to expertly adapt to all environments, all kinds of people, and all kinds of "curve balls" that can be thrown your way without warning).

And that is specifically my dedicated purpose of the upcoming Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program happening in Calgary, Canada (August 28th-September 2nd, 2018).

The Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program is the ULTIMATE IMMERSION TRAINING EXPERIENCE for making the highest-of-the-highest influence and sales skills automatic for you.

Put simply: The Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program is for life's BIG achievers (and those that want to be BIG achievers).

It's not just another training.

It's an EXPERIENTIAL IMMERSION EXPERIENCE into the world of the highest levels of influence (and ALL the powerful context-setting "pieces" that can be used in conjunction with influence, to make your use of conversational hypnosis, sales, even charisma, EVEN MORE POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE).

This training combines the disciplines I've spent the last 15 years learning and brings everything around conversational hypnosis, charisma, sales, and influence together in one program that WORKS.

It UNIFIES EVERYTHING. It makes you WHOLE with it... as in conversational hypnosis, or charisma, or sales is no longer something you just know about... it becomes something that you instinctively USE, without having to think through techniques.

At the end of the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program you will walk out with a UNIQUE UNSTOPPABLE ABILITY that can be used day-in, day-out to make you a more successful person in ANY environment.

Quite simply... you will come out of the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program with a UNIQUE ABILITY that your competition doesn't have.

You'll finally be the difference that makes the difference in someone's life.


Will ALWAYS Make You Valuable (And Dare I Say Irreplaceable) In The Eyes Of Whomever You're Looking To Influence

Now, at the live event - where you will connect with a group of the most ambitious learners – you'll get to...

  • SEE and EXPERIENCE real influence in action
  • Practice conversational hypnosis, even if you're a complete beginner
  • Get your influencing questions answered
  • Iron out your conversational sticking-points
  • Perfect your sales processes

Plus, a dynamic environment that uniquely allows for you to experience "internalizing" the CASH Method at an ACCELERATED PACE.

This program translates everything about covert applied strategic hypnosis (and all the associated influencing tools) into REAL-WORLD APPLICATION. No fluff, just stuff here. That's how I run my trainings (ask Anita).

My EXPERIENTIAL IMMERSION PROCESS is the only way to "internalize" the depth and breadth of conversational hypnosis, charisma, advanced profiling systems, mind-bending language, and sales methods.

Live training is the ONLY way you can be awarded the Process Potential Master Influencer CERTIFICATION (presented at the completion of the live training) which accredits you as a Master Influencer (a certificate you have permission to publicize on your website, on your resume, on your LinkedIn profile or anywhere else). People will want you on their team. This is the critical ability for the new economy.

But ultimately the #1 Reason for you to be at the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program is that this live training allows you to internalize the skillset of the highest art of strategic influence at such a DEEP LEVEL that you not only attain the knowledge, but it becomes second nature and is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Specifically you'll learn this AMAZING ABILITY over six fun filled days...

Day One

On the first day, you'll learn all about the foundations of hypnosis and body language. We'll start with language patterns and how the mind works with AND processes language. You don't have to have any previous experience here. I'll condense 15 years of learning into an easy to use system. It's all principles based.

Then, we'll move into body language cues that tell you everything you need to know about a person without them having to tell you. What emotions they are experiencing, how they are thinking, what kind of things motivate and influence them. They'll be open to you like a book that you can easily read and finally understand.

These two fundamental skills are what everything is built on, but instead of teaching you one technique after another, you'll learn the principles behind every influential interaction so that you'll be masterful at creating the right context and knowing how the other person is doing in your conversation. Which gives you everything you need to influence or sell them ethically.

You'll be able to:

  • Harness the power of universal human experiences to begin hypnotic conversations
  • Pace and lead people to the result you want
  • Use the "building-block" structure of effective hypnotic communication
  • Know why "squeezed" words and stories can turn you into a master influencer
  • Understand the right way to present embedded commands so a person's unconscious accepts them without resistance

Day Two

On the second day, you'll learn how to build connection and rapport - the right way. Not through something like matching and mirroring, but the way that natural influencers do it - through Connection Triggers. What are those? Oh, only the most powerful principles of connection that trigger instant likability and interest towards you.

But we won't stop there. I'll teach you my Irresistible Openers that set a context for an interaction right from the start (doing 90% of your work for you) and give you permission to go where nobody else dares with your influence.

The irresistible openers set you up for frames and how to control them. The unspoken sparring match between your reality and the person you're influencing is now under your control.

Once you know those principles of connection triggers, irresistible openers, and frame control, comes the best part of all. Learn how to either look like a genius by getting to the heart of someone's issues right on the first try or to make every influence session a no-fail interaction where you're always right and always in control.

That's right, you won't be stuck in a corner again when you're trying to influence someone because you'll have my exclusive system of advanced cold reading. This is stuff that I only ever teach my high end clients because it's very powerful and takes the right kind of ethical person to use.

You'll learn how to:

  • Load your conversations with "reference experiences" that produce a "I feel like I've known this person forever" effect
  • Use language softeners that relax a person's critical judgements so they become openly receptive to everything you say
  • Rapidly gain rapport even if you don't have anything in common (most people do this wrong...rapport was originally built for way is light years better for the real world)
  • Utilize the secret behind the most effective barometer for agreement and influence
  • Set up an interaction that lets you control another person's expectations
  • Apply re-framing tactics (used by the world's best mentalists and cold readers) that dissolve objections and make you look like a mind reader
  • Use two ways to smoothly "take over" any conversation and make it influential
  • Establish a congruent alignment between how you feel and what you say
  • Get an influential result or response you want every time even if you completely bomb your first attempt using techniques developed by fortunetellers

Day Three

From there, we'll move right along into day three, where I'll teach you my VIBE system. VIBE stands for Virtues, Intellect, Behavior, and Emotion. It's a two part system. The first is that it's an advanced profiling system that lets you, in a 5 minute natural conversation, get and test someone's values explicitly without needing to ask them outright. What does this do?

That's where the second part comes in. Once you know what someone values, you know how they think. Once you know how someone thinks, you'll know how they'll feel in certain scenarios. And once you know all of those things, you know how they'll behave.

It's like having the complete treasure map to someone's entire life laid bare in front of you and you get to help them discover the treasures they didn't even know they have.

By the end of day three, you'll know how to:

  • Use "VIBE" to tell what others are thinking (especially when they are saying something else!)
  • Gather an entire psychological profile in only a few minutes that tells you everything you need to know to influence someone
  • Instantly tell if you're having an influence on someone
  • How to take someone's emotion or intellectual process and identify the virtue that implies, then test to see if it's a value
  • Change someone's internal mental frame before they make a decision using my VIBE System™
  • Have a 5 minute conversation where you can get someone's values explicitly and then determine what they are without needing to ask them outright

Now that you've spent three days training on absorbing information, learning about someone to really know them intimately, you'll have a deep connection with them. That's the barometer of your ability to influence them, so now it's time to influence them.

Day Four

Day four leads into advanced strategic hypnotic language and mindsets that help you turn any situation to your advantage. You'll learn about the nature of someone's experience and how to reconstruct it if necessary to solve problems for them or challenge them to grow.

Now that you know their VIBE, you can ask them specific, tailored questions that will help them re-think something critical and get them to have a powerful outcome, right in front of you.

Once you start seeing these patterns in people, you'll be able to shape them with your language. And once you can get someone to change their reality enough with simple to learn principles, you'll be able to get them to agree to pretty much anything.

You'll be able to spot objections before they arise and take care of them, rip apart a problem whenever it arises, and always have a place to go in a conversation where people are asking you, begging you even, to influence and help them change.

We're really getting going at this point and you'll:

  • Use covert hypnotic themes that work like magic in everyday conversations
  • Plant potent suggestions in someone's mind without detection
  • Know the distinction between sales vs. selling and how to influence people on any one of these levels
  • Be able to uncover the specific values a person feels are important to them... and how to attach your suggestions to those values
  • Expertly pepper your conversations with symbolic language that "reaches directly into" another person's unconscious mind and emotions
  • Set and maintain the right mood for an influential conversation
  • Gather indirect permission from someone to have a challenging and influential conversation with them
  • Have the exact mental and emotional process you must go through before attempting to influence another person. Miss out on this and you're done before you even begin.

Day Five

Day five is where even more fun begins because we'll dive deep into sales and influence tactics now that you've got all the tools to be a powerful force for positive influence in someone's life.

You'll be able to spot someone's specific needs, buying strategies, and thought patterns that you can then show them how to transform into something positive for them.

Other sales and influence methods put people through a formulaic approach. I'll show you how to treat people like human beings and share a powerful product or service with them that they'll thank you for sharing with them.

We'll discover my Personal Gravity system for maintaining relationships almost effortlessly and showing you how to make people miss you and your insights instead of having to try to impress them with something. This works whether you are just starting out and inexperienced or a complete veteran with a track record to show for it.

You'll get to be the full and best version of who you are and attract the right people at the right time to you. Because I know there are people out there waiting to hear your message, buy your product, or take part in some amazing adventure with you.

By now, you'll be getting advanced so you'll learn and internalize:

  • How to find the "challenge points" in a person's responses and how to leverage them to shift a conversation into the perfect influence state
  • When to change someone's normal perceptive-reality... so you can hypnotize them faster
  • How to pull people into your "Personal Gravity™" that improves their lives and gets you remembered fondly by them... even for many, many years to come
  • The NLP concept of "chunking" and how it helps you get your points across in conversation
  • Where you can enter the conversation in someone's mind and take over their reality (super simple as you will see at the training!)
  • How to "breathe life" into your metaphors and analogies and make them as invisibly–influential as possible
  • How to "put the brakes" on the "inner judge" in another person so they stop critically analyzing and allow for your hypnotic suggestions to seep in

So that all leads us to the final day.

Day Six

On day six, I'll lay out the entire CASH Method influence system for you in a way that you've never seen before. Every skill, every advanced strategy, every principle I teach you will fit nicely like puzzle pieces into a masterful big picture.

That picture will contain how to:

  • Prime the unconscious mind for a specific response and move someone where you need them to go
  • Create experiences for someone they've never had before ("future memories" on steroids here)
  • Turn sales and influence conversations into an automatic skill
  • Allow your true value and influence to flow naturally through you – without you having to think about brittle and formulaic techniques
  • Train your unconscious to provide you with "on-the-spot" highly influential story material you can use to break down resistance and install beliefs
  • Weave someone's personal stories into a hero's journey that helps them change rapidly and you look like a wizard
  • Utilize the relation between someone's virtues, their intellect, their behavior, and their emotions to make a huge difference in their life
  • Get to the point where the techniques you learn come out naturally without any thought
  • Use a powerful strategy for changing others (as well as yourself) for the better
  • Employ the KEY that drives all of your influencing skillsets
  • How to structure "nested loop" stories that peak curiosity and keep people hooked until they're completely enthralled with you
  • How to consistently influence people by "forgetting" about techniques and formulas
  • How to turn CASH Method into a self-diagnosing and self-evolving system (this one earned me $50,000 in a week recently)
  • Determine what's the most effective single place you can help make a change in someone's ideology that will be the difference that makes the difference so YOU can be influential in their life and all that entails

And not to worry, the way that I've designed the CASH Method is that you can't fail. Every technique seamlessly moves into the the next, so you won't get stuck, don't have to worry about what to say, or even have to even really memorize any esoteric formulas and technique.

Things just flow naturally for you.

You might not want any clients. You may not even be a professional salesperson. You may just want to be a force for good in the world in your own special way. That's great.

You Will Be Able To Use This "Evergreen" Human Dynamics Secret To Get The Job Done!

Even though it is called the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program, a BIG and hidden component of the training program is charisma. I've taught people in three continents how to become the kind of person who people just say "yes" to without them even asking!

So if "owning a room" or "getting a yes" appeals to you in any way – you'll also get a world-class education at how to be THAT person at an event who everyone wants to be involved with.

In fact, some people who have been to my previous programs report that it was the charismatic elements of the training...

That Gave Them The "X-Factor" In Their Influence Skills

It will do the same for you!

Plus a whole lot more.

But, here's the thing:

Not just "anyone" can attend the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program – you must qualify by meeting 3 criteria:

#1 is ATTITUDE: You must possess a serving attitude in all that you do. You must also have very high standards for yourself and your ability to perform well in life. At the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program you will be "mixing" with some of life's top achievers and they will expect that you posses the same energy, enthusiasm and benevolent ambition as they themselves do.

It is NOT necessary for you to have done any kind of conversational hypnosis training prior to attending the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program, as EVERYTHING will be covered there. All that is required is a genuine desire to equip yourself with the most USEABLE and VERSATILE "get-ahead-in-life" tool there is: Conversational Hypnosis.

#2 is INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: to attend the 6 Day Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program is $1695 by taking advantage of the Early Bird 50% OFF Discount that ends in July! Quite the bargain for the top-level training you will receive over a full 6 days, especially with the support you'll receive from your trainer and not to mention your peers.

Factor in that you'll be a fully certified Master Influencer by the end of the training...and you'll see it's well worth the investment in yourself and your future.

PLEASE NOTE: Aside from the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Programs taking place this year (in 2018) it may not ever be repeated again. And if it ever is, it's likely to be priced significantly higher than it is here. Literal world leaders are asking me to teach this to them. They may convince me to lock this away so they have it for themselves.

#3 is TIME: This is a LIVE IMMERSION TRAINING on the powerful combination of conversational hypnosis, charisma, influence, and sales that takes place over a period of 6 days. That obviously requires a time commitment from you.

The alternative? Well, just another 6 days in your normal life I guess. Just like the last 6 days. On and on forever, in your normal (current) life.

The question is: Will 6 days in your normal (current) life do anything to enhance your future like the skills you'll learn and "internalize" at the 6 day training?

That is a question only you can honestly answer.

Overall, the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program is designed for people personally committed to being the best at conversational hypnosis, influence, sales, and charisma.

It takes commitment to be the best. If you can't commit to 6 days out of your life to OWN easily one of the most life-changing skills you can have, then the training is simply not for you. Not at this stage anyway.


Of course, you also have my full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of the first day of the training!

Then, if you decide it's not for you – for whatever reason... you will get a full and prompt refund.

No explaining to do on your end. And no questions asked by us.

So if you just want the tools and the skills that will put you into the elite level of world-challenging influencers with potent linguistic tools and mindsets – then just click on the "Reserve Your Spot" button below:

Your Opportunity To Get Certified As A Master Influencer!

The Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Certification Live Training Program

"The Ultimate Immersion Experience"


Jonny, I want to be able to be the difference that makes the difference so I can get rewarded properly for my TRUE worth & contribution.

I understand that:

  • I will be attending the 6 Day Live Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program in the exciting city of Calgary, Canada between the 28th of August and 2nd of September, 2018
  • The event will be held in Calgary, Canada. (Details given to attendees)
  • I will be taught these life-changing influence skills by Master Influencer Trainer Jonny Dupre for my 6 days of training. Jonny's trainings are full of energy and profound learnings!
  • I will have the option of being certified as a Master Influencer.
  • My investment for 6 amazing days is $1695 because I'm taking advantage of the Early Bird 50% OFF Discount which ends in July!
  • I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training! If this training doesn't rock my world I can get a full refund before my time is up.

On that basis, I'm clicking the "Reserve Your Spot" button below now so I can snap up my seat before it's filled by someone else...

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And reservations will go on a "first come, first served" basis.

Places are strictly limited – First Come – First Served. No exceptions.

Please remember this training will only be held here once in 2018 and may not come back for years, if ever! So demand is likely to be strong.

So if you want to be at the ULTIMATE Influence training event, click on the "Reserve Your Spot" button below right now and follow the simple instructions that you'll be shown on the next page...

Just $1695 (Early Bird 50% OFF Discount! Ends in July!)
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To Your Success,

Jonny Dupre
B.S. Human Development and Counseling
Master Trainer
Certified HNLP Master Practitioner
Certified Conflict Management and Resolution
Lead Trainer and Partner at Your Charisma Coach
Expert in Advanced Microexpression Training
Expert in Subtle Expression Recognition Training
Expert in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC)
Expert in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)

P.S. If you are into personal development in ANY way – I believe the Covert Applied Strategic Hypnosis (CASH) Method Live Training Program will develop you both personally and professionally more than anything else you could ever compare it against. I've been studying and applying this stuff for 15 years. There's nothing else like it out there.

Better still:
Unlike most other skills you can acquire, the CASH Method can be USED DAILY. In EVERY human-to-human interaction you have – for the rest of your life! Friends, kids, spouses, business partners, everyone will love the new influence you have on their life for the better.

If you're the kind of person (like me) who likes to scroll down to the P.S. first and peek at what's here (sneaky sneaky), you'll want to go up and read what this is all about. In short: when you gain the power to influence people naturally, you discover the most effective single place you can help make a change in someone's life that will be the difference that makes the difference.

Once you know that, the world is your oyster. Have amazing relationships, teach millions, create movements, whatever big dreams you have, you can't achieve them alone. It's all up to you and what you choose to do when you wield the incredible power of influence that makes people putty in your hands, ready to be molded by you. Maybe you'll be the Merlin and finally have your King Arthur. Maybe you'll just FINALLY be rewarded and recognized for the full value you bring to the table. I look forward to seeing what you get up to. You owe it to yourself to read above and make the determination if you're ready to lead. To win. To live an exponentially better life.

Just $1695 (Early Bird 50% OFF Discount! Ends in July!)

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