Sales is about building relationships.

You will learn the art of building connected relationships with anyone, by fully understanding what drives people from within. You will understand the toughest of customers and exactly how to communicate with them.

Taking this course, you will:

  • Conduct several sales presentations using the most powerful skills for influence in existence.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with various types of clients, speaking directly to their personality type.
  • Learn powerful Personality Profiling Skills allowing you to gauge how your clients make decisions, what motivates them, and how they decide to take action.
  • Connect with others in a deep and meaningful way, and from that place offer them your product or service.

You will understand the whats, whys, and hows of people’s decision making and learn the methods to obliterate resistance in others.

If you are a manager managing sales teams, you will learn the strategies to keep your teams inspired and motivated, and how to help them when they face self – doubt or experience “burn-out” . You will become an inspiring leader, able to coach your team for success.

This 3- Day Sales Intensive with NLP will revolutionize your sales process and allow you to enjoy your work – with integrity.

Sales Training with NLP

When you enroll in this 3 –day intensive NLP training, you will be exposed to NLP at its best. You will learn the Structural Psychology Mindset and develop a strategic thinking process needed to creatively solve problems and set achievable goals.

You will have created a powerful goal for yourself and followed the process to achieve it, utilizing genius thinking strategies as seen in Beethoven’s music, Richard Branson’s accomplishment, and Wayne Gretzky’s extraordinary achievements.

You will have developed powerful strategies for key areas of your life, develop systems to solve problems and learn the language of influence.  You will learn the art of asking powerful questions allowing you to get into the essence of things quickly and effectively. You will become more observant, efficient and focused so that you will set goals and achieve your greatest results.

The trainings are based on cognitive trainings, demonstrations, practice, and numerous case studies where you will apply your skills in a very practical way. Through practice you will become unconsciously competent in these methodologies, and confident to apply your skills in the world at large.

The Key Essential Skills:

  • Understanding the logic behind human thinking, decisions and actions (including your own)
  • Precision Communication Model – speaking to their other than conscious
  • Language of  Influence – Powerful Conversational Hypnosis Tools (you can use in all interactions)

Cost:$1,297 CAD