Live with Power is the only NLP institute in Alberta, Canada, licensed and endorsed by Dr.Richard Bandler and the International NLP Society.

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NLP Training for Coaches and Therapists – 8 Day Intensive

If you are a therapist or a coach, you will revolutionize your practice by taking this training. You will learn the Structural Psychology System to deeply understand the essence of your client’s problems, and learn the methodology to create a lasting change in your client’s mindset at the deepest level.

You will get to practice your skills analyzing more complex case studies, becoming proficient at solving the complex issues quickly, with impact. You will also conduct numerous client sessions throughout the training, becoming intimately familiar with the Structural Psychology way of thinking. As a result of this training you will become extremely efficient at helping clients get rid of their issues, with measurable results.

You will be able to quickly understand and solve the most complex problems and test your work.

In addition to Structural Psychology systems, you will learn the most powerful NLP techniques such as Ericksonian Hypnosis applied in a strategic way. You will learn how to obliterate fears, phobias, panic attacks, procrastination patterns based on fear of failure and success, how to get people out of “stuck states” and how to facilitate change such that your clients own the change.

All problems have an inherent structure and represent a successful outcome of a process your client uses to create those problems. Knowing this you will be able to strategically apply powerful NLP techniques at every level of your client’s problem creating process.

You will become internationally licensed and certified as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP® and gain credentials recognizable world-wide.
If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please email us at info@livewithpower or call us at 1 877 922 6177. Thanks in advance!

Our 100% Guarantee

This is a guarantee that Live with Power NLP Seminars Ltd. will provide a full refund in the case of not satisfactorily fulfilling its guarantee of providing a full curriculum of the Licensed Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming® Certification as developed by the International NLP Society and Dr. Richard Bandler.

Live with Power NLP Seminars Ltd. guarantees that each and every component of the program will be taught through installation on other than conscious level, a thorough explanation, demonstration and group practice, according with the Bandler method.

Live with Power NLP Seminars Ltd. requires participants to fully participate in the program through taking part in demonstrations and group practice. Live with Power NLP Seminars Ltd. encourages participants to ask questions if requiring clarifications.

Participants will receive ample opportunity to practice every skill and ask questions. Questions will always be answered.

Live with Power NLP Seminars Ltd. guarantees that at the end of the Licensed Practitioner Certification program, every participant who demonstrates the requires skills will be qualified to be certified by the International NLP Society.

In the case of failure to fulfill these guarantees, participants will receive a full refund of their tuition fees. Tuition fees will not be refunded if a participant does not take part in the exercises as required by the International NLP Society to certify NLP Practitioners.

Anita Kozlowski MA