3- Day NLP Intensive Training – Transformational Magic

What will I learn in the 3 – day Intensive NLP program?

If you are curious about NLP and want to experience it the right way, this program is for you. This 3 – day intensive training has been designed to help you reprogram your mind for success and get rid of limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from living the life you want and deserve.

In this intensive, fun and fast- pace experiential program you will recognize your limiting beliefs and patterns, and get rid of them. You will also discover your motivation programs and underlying values that had been the driving force behind your current results. Understanding those will give you the leverage to optimize your results in life.

You will also discover your passion and explore your inner, hidden vision for success. Even if you are not aware of what you really want in life and what your motivation is, you will find it and immediately apply it to set measurable goals you will achieve. In essence you will explore your own creative potential and design your next step in life towards a fulfilling and creative future.

You will also learn the language of influence. You will learn how to shift people’s resistance to agreement and how to communicate directly to the other person’s subconscious mind. In the process you will discover the most powerful way to communicate with yourself and abolish negative language from your mind. As a result you will profoundly change your inner game and discover freedom you never knew you had.

In the process you will also learn the most powerful skills on earth to get rid of conflict and influence even the most negative people. You will truly step into your power in all human communications and take control in conflict situations.

The 3 – day Intensive NLP training will be a great platform to step into the 8 day Licensed Practitioner of NLP program.

If you want to learn true NLP the right way and transform your life with immediate results, this program is for you.