Transform Yourself and Help Others Transform

The Transformational Speaker-Facilitator Training offers a concise step-by-step, proven system for delivering inspirational speeches, workshops, training modules and sales presentations.

This training is more than a public speaking course. It is founded in transformational NLP processes, conversational hypnosis and structural psychology. It is designed to bring out the natural leader in you and to give you a set of powerful skills to lead your audiences through personal transformation.

Whether you are a seasoned presenter or a novice, you will benefit from this training. You will develop beyond traditional public speaking skills into the domain of inspired leadership. You will become an artist with subliminal influence tools and a source of inspiration for your audience. You will discover the full potential of your creativity.

You will learn to ground yourself in an optimal state, to connect with your audience and to keep them passionately engaged.

Based on accelerated learning methodologies and psychology of Influence, this training will equip you with strategies and techniques to deliver spontaneous inspirational presentations, to facilitate experiential workshops and to structure sales presentations that work.

You will learn to use tonality, pauses, specific influence words and body language for maximum impact. Most importantly, your presentations will come from your authentic self, creating trust and a sense of inclusion in every member of your audience.

Be prepared for the most illuminating three days of your life. You will get to know yourself on a very deep level. You will overcome subconscious blocks that have kept you from the most inspired and inspirational version of yourself. You will remove any insecurity, allowing yourself to step into your personal power on stage. Get ready to experience deep emotions and the feeling of triumph that comes from becoming the best version of yourself.

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Specific techniques to get into the state of flow
  • How to quickly assess your audience’s deepest fears, needs and their “bottom lines”
  • 7 techniques to instantly capture an audience’s attention and elicit curiosity
  • 5 techniques to keep them in constant agreement with you
  • Specific questions to keep them engaged
  • How to make a speech inspirational
  • How to structure sales presentations that result in them buying
  • How to subliminally motivate your audience to action
  • How to create powerful metaphors that inspire your audience
  • How to use humour to make your presentations fun and engaging
  • How to use rhythm and spaces for subliminal influence
  • How to create powerful subliminal sales messages
  • How to create powerful punch lines that correlate with your audience’s bottom lines
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • How to come across as a leader
  • How to use tonality for effect, so that you are always seen as being at ease and in control
  • The art of the right body language to elicit desired responses
  • How to handle negative people, hecklers and disturbers
  • How to generate an internal “yes”
  • Conversational hypnosis tools for influence
  • Much more…
This course is an intensive hands-on experience where you will be doing a lot of presenting in front of a group. You will watch yourself on video to receive immediate feedback in a safe and supportive environment. You will discover your powerful authentic self to present the best version of yourself, on stage and in the rest of your life.

Cost of the training – $897 CAD