Live With Power

Live with Power is an international training and coaching institute, and the only NLP training centre in Alberta, Canada that is licensed and endorsed by Dr. Richard Bandler and the International NLP Society. We are the only training institute in the world teaching the Structural Psychology systems for personal transformation.

Live With Power Mission:

Live With Power mission is to enhance the lives of those we touch through Structural Psychology and cutting edge NLP training. We inspire individuals to access their full potential in the areas of personal, family, and community achievement, both locally and globally.

Live With Power Vision:

Live With Power is a cutting edge human potential training institute, bringing the newest NLP technologies to people around the world. Through our programs, we empower our clients to become the best they can be, strengthening the fabric of good will around the world.

Live With Power Commitment to You:

We are committed to helping you bring out the best you can be and express your full potential in all aspects of your life by developing confidence and inspired curiosity. We are committed to creating the most enjoyable learning experience, and invite you to become a part of Live With Power community.

Live With Power Truths:

• All humans have the right and the ability to live a full and happy life.
• All humans have the right to their individual point of view
• All humans have the right to choose their emotion and experience
• The quality of your communication is is reflected in the meaning of a response your communication generates.
• It is okay to agree to disagree
• Disagreement is not conflict
• No one has the right or the ability to change anyone. We are fully accountable for our results, including our emotions.
• All humans are inherently significant, and that significance is independent of behavior. Behavior can be changed. The value of an individual remains constant.
Live With Power specializes in accelerated learning systems. We employ Rapid Therapy Intervention systems to treat diagnosed educational disabilities, personality disorders, phobias, anxiety disorders, addictions and depression and other diagnosed.

Live With Power also offers corporate training and coaching, personal coaching, and customized seminars focused on motivation, communication and vision creation.

Live With Power follows the highest ethical standards and are committed to using these powerful techniques to help others and the world at large.

When you successfully complete our Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ and Master Practitioner of NLP™ level seminars, you will receive international certification and a license issued by the International NLP Society, personally signed by Dr. Bandler. You will be entitled to use the International NLP Society’s corporate identity and become eligible to attend the trainers’ training offered by the International NLP Society and Richard Bandler.