Structural Psychology is a system of thinking and therapy where human problems are considered as systemic and structural.

“Every human problem is a result of a logical, sequential process an individual needed to have followed in order to create it. That process happens fast, becomes habituated and replicated with excellence. People become masters at their problems”. ~Anita Kozlowski

A Structural psychology approach to therapy as well as creating new results is is based upon breaking down the structure of the problem and the method of having created it, and replacing it with a new structure and a new system.

"NLP techniques can work only when applied within the framework of understanding the process a client used to get into a problem in the first place. NLP techniques can work only when applied strategically, and we teach these methods. This is why our NLP training is revolutionary and differs from mainstream, NLP in a very fundamental way. This is how we can achieve amazing results in therapy, and how we can achieve your dreams. It is all systems based". ~Anita Kozlowski

NLP training offered at Live with Power is cutting edge. Here you will learn the methodology as a system. As such you will strategically apply it in your won life and be able to elicit change in others, having an absolute ability to target your results.