NLP training in Alberta

"Our Mission is to facilitate the expression of your peak potential through world class NLP training and coaching, in the spirit of Courage, Focus and Happiness"

Alberta Live with Power NLP Seminars is the only internationally licensed NLP training company in Alberta. We offer internationally licensed NLP certification programs, three day introduction to NLP seminars, in house business trainings, sales trainings, conflict resolution/negotiation seminars, Access Your Genius creativity training and many more.

Anita Kozlowski, the founder of Live with Power Training Group and Alberta Live with Power NLP Seminars has been highly recommended by dr.Richard Bandler, the developer of NLP methods as an innovative trainer, keeping up to date with the newest developments in the field.

Our goal is to help you identify and overcome the hidden obstacles holding you back from reaching your full potential in terms of both success and joy. We believe all people deserve and are capable of living an optimal life.

NLP is not only about finding new ways to attain your goals and objectives but also removing blocks you may have had that stop you from achieving those goals.

NLP differs from other personal development approaches in that:
  • It is based on modelling and offers a set if tools that are proven to work if correctly applied
  • NLP takes into account how we connect to the world through our sensory experience and how we store and change that experience through our minds and bodies
  • NLP is the only method that allows us to unravel the structure of human subjective experience, and change it, leading to profound and lasting results

We specialize in utilizing high-impact, breakthrough processes leading our participants to experience both immediate and long term changes that include higher incomes, more satisfying relationships, a sense of purpose, confidence and a sense of inner peace.

Express your true potential and Live with Power!