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Strategic NLP Coaching is by far THE most powerful tool to empower yourself and dramatically enhance your coaching practice.

Here are the greatest problems coaches may experience in a typical coaching process:

1. “Uncoachable” client. We will teach you specific techniques help your client get rid of internal blocks that kept them from being coachable.

2. Not knowing where to start. You will learn how to quickly sort through a lot of seemingly “irrelevant” information, and get to the bottom issue fast.

3. Facing your own fears and doubt. We wil help you quickly obliterate inner blocks and doubt, so that you can function as an optima coach.

4. Getting lost in the coaching process. Not moving forward. We will help you erase all the stumbling blocks and get past plateaus, so you will be always progressing and succeeding.

5. Attracting the right clients. We will help you create a successful coaching system to generate a stream of qualified clients.

6. Resistant and negative client. You will learn how to handle even the most challenging client, and lead them to success.


Neurolinguistic Programming and strategic hypnosis are the tools that every coach needs to empower the coaching process and expand their range of skills.

Our personal coaching is about rapidly empowering you to become your most confident and effective self.

We will take you through a carefully designed process where you will diagnose inefficiencies in your life and in your thinking, to quickly get rid of what is not serving you.

You will redefine yourself and stepping into the most creative and expansive YOU.  You will become an architect of your best results. You will:

1. Create a clear vision for your life and your business.

2. Master your emotions – be in charge

3. Identify all areas where you were not optimized, and clear those fast.

4. Achieve measurable results, using a quantum goal setting process.

5. Easily and naturally inspire others-be seen as a natural leader.


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