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Neuro linguistic programming is one of the most powerful tools to empower your coaching process.

If you are a coach, one of your greatest challenges is facing a client who is not coachable.

This may be caused by the effects of childhood traumas, self esteem and self worth issues, a lack of trust, or a multitude of limiting beliefs.

Strategic neuro linguistic programming and conversational hypnosis are the most powerful tools to help your client eliminate limiting beliefs and remove inner blocks that were blocking them from your process.

With our unique method, you will:

Get rid of your own limiting beliefs and doubt when facing a “difficult client”.

Guide even the most “difficult” client with ease and confidence

Immediately get to the bottom of your client’s issues.

Eliminate guessing and confusion from your coaching sessions

Influence rapid change 

Our personal coaching is about rapidly empowering you to become your most confident and effective self.

We will take you through a carefully designed process where you will diagnose inefficiencies in your life and in your thinking, to quickly get rid of what is not serving you.

You will redefine yourself and stepping into the most creative and expansive YOU.  You will become an architect of your best results. You will:

Create a clear vision for your life and your business.

Become confident, grounded and calm

Identify all areas where you were not optimized, and clear those fast.

Achieve measurable and huge goals, using a quantum goal setting process not taught anywhere else.

Become an exquisite and confident communicator.

Align your conscious and unconscious mind for consistent excellence



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Master strategic neuro linguistic programming and conversational hypnosis

Lead your clients to personal breakthroughs – FAST

Inspire change in others – become a natural leader

Get clear about your purpose and direction

Become confident, focused and clear about your next step.

Create strong personal boundaries.

Live on purpose and enjoy life more



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