NLP is a hypnotic model that was created upon the framework of Ericksonian hypnosis.

In essence NLP is a shortcut of many Ericksonian protocols, and built upon the same principles.

Ericksonian Hypnosis in is about getting out of your own way and allowing the unconscious mind sort out whatever it needs to sort out. This assumes the existence of the unconscious mind, which can be proven by the fact your heart knows how to beat.

This also assumes the existence of the conscious mind, which by its nature is limited in its scope.

There are many methods to facilitate getting out if your own way, or silencing the voice of doubt.

The first is to capture all your attention. When all your attention is captured, you have no mental space to engage in negative self talk.

Your attention determines your reality. Your attention determines your results.

If you are curious, and you are emotionally involved at the same time, your attention is fully involved.

Hypnotic protocols to resolve your issue involve all your attention, much in the same manner as if you were in an interesting and emotionally engaging movie.

The assumptions beyond these protocols is that your unconscious mind knows whats best for you, and the healing mechanisms are well in place. All you have to do is access these mechanisms.

To do that you must silence the inner voice of doubt, which has been learned and which is the only barrier to your well being.

Your unconscious mind remembers every breathing moment of your life and has the ability to heal you, resolve your issues or answer your questions.

This is where good hypnosis is so useful.

Hypnosis protocols to resolve issues involve guiding your unconscious process at the level of your inner assumption, which as always based on cause effect and complex equivalence structures.

What does this mean?

We construct all our reality of two types of assumptions about reality. These are:

Something means something


Something causes something

If you believe someone has caused you to feel something, you are blaming them and forgot to remember it is you who has created these feelings based on the meaning you attached to their behavior.

A good hypnotist would help you reprogram these assumptions and help you become accountable for your own experience, independent of anyone else.

Ericksonian hypnosis is about empowering you to accept full accountability for your own experience and helping you take control of your emotions.

You are in control and you have always been in control. Even when you have felt you were out of control, you were still fully in control.

Its just that your mind was directed in wrong way.

NLP is a powerful methodology allowing you to restore your control and empower you to help others achieve the same.

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