The driving essence of Design Human Engineering is creativity and being to do something more exquisitely and elegantly. Design Human Engineering is about stepping into your creativity and creating new realities. Even though it is structurally based on the NLP model, it is a generative model. You are the designer and the creator of new models. DHE is based upon the principle of Reverse Engineering where first, you need to step into your creative vision and from there recreate a structure that underlies that vision. Using DHE you become limitless. You can design systems for healing your body, develop new strategies for devloping intuition, increase energy levels and creativity. The methods you use are even faster and more elegant than traditional NLP methods. Live with Power licensed NLP trainings incorporate DHE as these methods allow us to achieve results even more quickly and creatively. Our clients report, for example, suddenly being able to write poetry, write music, paint, develop new learning strategies, improve memory, develop new business ideas.